Industrial Hearing Protection

The only true custom fit

Only true custom fit

The Insta-Mold Hearing Protection Devices will give your employees the best fitting hearing protection available today because the impression is the final product.

*The Insta-Mold Hearing Protection Device is made from Insta-Mold Featherweight Instant Silicones. A product we formulated and have been manufacturing & selling to the hearing health professional worldwide for over 20 years.

We syringe the silicone directly into the ear, it then cures to the exact shape of the canal, duplicating every crevice & contour to the finest detail.

The silicone cures to a soft elastic rubber that will bend with the ear canal during normal mouth & jaw movement. Creating a hearing protector that is comfortable, simple to insert, & fits in the ear the exact same way every time it is worn.