Professional Products

Ear Mold Starter Kit

For the hearing health professional, everything you need in one low cost starter kit so you can get started using Insta-Mold Featherweight Instant Silicones to create custom Earmolds for B.T.E Hearing Aids.

Ear mold Starter Kit
This kit includes:
  • Part A & Part B(shown in tan) of Insta-Mold Featheweight Instant Silicones.
  • One bottle of hand lotion.
  • One set of measuring spoons
  • One bottle of Clear Seal Plus silicone coating.(Large 3oz. bottle)
  • Twenty five preformed Lock Tubing
  • One core drill
  • One tube threader
  • One plunger
  • Twenty five Dur-A-Sil Equal Mini Packs.