Professional Products

Hearing Protectors

Use Insta-Mold Featherweight Instant Silicones to create excellent fitting custom molded hearing protectors at a fraction of the cost of a lab made hearing protector.

Proven Noise
Reduction Results

Hearing Protectors, made with Insta-Mold Featherweight Instant Silicones, offer a more exact fit, greater comfort, and better protection than any preformed or laboratory custom earplug.
Insta Mold Custom Molded Ear Plugs
Manufacturing Facilities

With the ever increasing number of workman's compensation cases involving hearing loss & the higher costs of OSHA regulations, large manufacturing facilities are looking for new ways to best protect themselves and their workforce, at the lowest cost possible.
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Insta Mold Custom Molded Ear Plugs
Recreational Audiology

Help protect your patients' ears while they play.
Insta-Mold offers a full line of custom molded solid and electronic hearing protectors, specialty ear molds, and headphones used for shooting sport & fitness enthusiasts, motorcyclists, and musicians.
Insta Mold Custom Molded Ear Plugs