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Dur-a-sil Silicone Impression Material

An accurate deep ear impression material designed to create exceptional fitting ITE & CIC hearing aids.

Dur-a-sil Silicone Impression Material
Easy to Use
Dur-a-Sil Silicones are neither sticky or oily. Making them perfect for an easy workflow.
Low Viscosity
Less pressure while syringing means less distortion of the ear canal.
No Sagging
Because of its excellent thixotropic properties, Dur-a-Sil Silicones will not sag during the curing process creating a more accurate impression. *Curing process takes 5-7 minutes
Low Shore A
Exceptional elongation, & excellent release properties, contribute to an easier removal from the boney portion of the ear canal or other irregular shaped ears.
Self Lubricating
Once Cured, a small amount of mineral oil is released from the impression for an easier & less painful release from your patients ear.
Exceptional Memory
Stays true to its shape for safe long term storage.