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Swim Plugs

Hearing Health Professionals can create floatable custom molded swim plugs in your office for your patients with chronic ear infections, swimmers ear, & your myringotomy patients. Swim plugs can be made in your office in minutes and for a fraction of the cost of lab produced swim plugs.

Ear molds for BTE hearing aids
Insta Mold Custom Molded Ear Plugs

Swim Plugs made with Insta-Mold Featherweight Instant Silicones will not sink in water. Making them perfect for children.

Insta-Mold Featherweight Instant Silicones are formulated with lightweight reinforcing fillers so not only are they durable but they float as well.
All the Colors of the Rainbow

Well we exchanged indigo for purple. Insta Mold Custom Molded Ear Plugs

Custom Molded Swimplugs made with Insta-Mold Featherweight Instant Silicones repel water

Made with specially treated organo-siloxane groups, Insta-Mold Featherweight instant silicones are truly hydrophobic {water hating}. Not only does a properly made swim plug seal the ear, but the silicone actually repels water away from the ear. Insta Mold Custom Molded Ear Plugs
Proven Protection

Insta-Mold Instant Silicones are the only instant ear mold system that is a published procedure in the Archives of Otolaryngology.

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Instant Delivery

No need for anyone to wait more than a day for accurate custom swim plugs.
Perfect for growing ears

No matter how fast a child's ear grows its simple and affordable to replace a swim plug in the middle of the swim season.